Annual Accounts

Please click on the link to access the Trust accounts:

Trust accounts for 2022/23
Trust accounts for 2021/22
Trust accounts for 2020/21
Trust accounts for 2019/20
Trust accounts for 2018/19

Trust accounts for 2017/18
Trust accounts for 2016/17
Trust accounts for 2015/16
Trust accounts for 2014/15

The accounts include figures for both Graveney, Franciscan Primary School and Tooting Primary School, although figures for each institution can be found at Note 18.

Readers should also note that, in the section that refers to central service arrangements and charges, the figures provided include the full costs of all non-teaching staff that work for each institution in addition to the costs of shared staff working across both institutions. Costs also include fixed premises costs, legal, HR and accounting costs, insurances and a range of other bought in services such as Educational Psychologists, Occupational Therapy, specialist music services etc. Multi-academy Trusts treat these costs in very different ways and so care must be taken when comparing figures across Trusts.

Any queries on the accounts can be directed to the Company Secretary by email at