Graveney Trust Consultation Notice

Consultation Notice on the proposed Admission Arrangements for 2020-2021 Graveney School, Welham Road, London SW17 9BU
Tooting Primary School, Franciscan Road, London, SW17 8HE
Franciscan Primary School, 221 Franciscan Road, London, SW17 8HQ

The Graveney Trust Board is consulting on its proposed admission arrangements to its schools for 2020-2021.

Graveney School 

No changes are proposed to the current admission arrangements for the school but the school is required by the national Admissions Code to consult every seven years.

The school last consulted on its admission arrangements in the winter of 2011/12 for September 2013 entry.

Tooting Primary School 

No changes are proposed to the current admission arrangements.

Consultation at this point is purely to bring the consultation cycle in line with the other Graveney Trust schools.

Franciscan Primary School 

Franciscan became part of the Graveney Trust in September 2018.

As a result, responsibility for admission to the school has transferred from the Local Authority to the Graveney Trust. The Trust proposes introducing a new admissions criterion giving priority to the children of staff working at the school, as is the case in its other schools. It also proposes to bring its Nursery admission criteria in line with those of Franciscan Primary School.

A copy of the proposed arrangements for 2020-21 for each school is attached.

This consultation is for the attention of: 

a) parents of children seeking a primary place in reception or secondary school place in year 7 from 2020 onwards 
b) other persons in the area who have an interest in the proposed arrangements 
c) all other admission authorities within the local area 
d) the local authority (Wandsworth Borough Council) e) any adjoining neighbouring local authorities

The consultation is open for 6 weeks from 09 November to 21 December 2018.

If you would like to comment on the proposed admission arrangements, please send your comments in writing to: 

Dr Jonathan Oppenheimer 
Chair of Graveney Trust 
Graveney School 
Welham Road 
London SW17 9BU 

Alternatively you can email your comments to the school’s email address:

Written comments must be submitted and received by the school by 21 December 2018. Following the consultation period all submitted comments will be considered by the Trust Board and the final arrangements will be published on the schools’ websites after 28 February 2019.

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